​Registration Requirements

Children ages 2 and up are eligible for enrollment at New Life Academy.

All children of proper age can attend our program regardless of gender, color, race,

ethnic origin or religion.

Required forms include:

~Pre-registration form with registration fee

~Current Physical (K-12)
~Immunization Record

~Copy of Social Security Card

~Copy of Birth Certificate

Please click
and read
before enrolling!


New Life Academy uses the A Beka curriculum for preschoolers, Kindergarten through 7th grade. The Bob Jones Curriculum is used for our 8th-12th grade students.


Supplemental materials are integrated into the classroom as we challenge the students to achieve above the standard curriculum.  All core instruction is teacher lead. We strive to help our students achieve their best and we believe they are capable of doing anything they put their minds to. For more information about the curriculum we use, please see the links below...


Registration & Tuition Cost 

Registration fees:

(Covers their curriculum & books)

Preschool (2 yrs.) - $120.00  (8am-12pm) (Tu & Thurs only)

Preschool (3 yrs.) - $140.00  (8am-12pm) (M/W/F  or 5 days a week)
Preschool (4 yrs.) - $160.00  (8am-12pm) (5 days a week)

Kindergarten - $200.00 

1st - 12th Grade - $300.00

Monthly Tuition

(10 Months out of the year)

Preschool (2 yrs.) - 2 days: $145.00 or ($1,450.00 per year)

   Preschool (3 yrs.) - 3 days: $185.00 or ($1,850.00 per year)

                                         5 days: $230.00 or ($2,300.00 per year)

Preschool (4 yrs.) - $250.00 or ($2,500.00 per year )                 

Kindergarten - 12th Grade- $325.00 or ($3,250.00 per year)  

New Life Academy is pleased to offer a multi-student discount for families with more than one child attending for monthly tuition only... Please call the office for more information.

After Care Program: (5 yrs. old +)

$8.00 a day "drop-in" for students without a signed contract

$25.00 a week for registered students only (with signed contract)

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1958 North Rd. Street

Elizabeth City, NC 27909